We have fun taking our trivia seriously!

Who we are:

Welcome! Thanks for coming by. We are a family-owned and operated trivia-night hosting company in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. With over 10 years hosting experience, we cater to all trivia night functions, putting the "fun" back into "fundraising"!

What we do:

We will provide all the questions, answer sheets and audio-visual equipment for your trivia night, as well as host the event. We will happily discuss all your requirements, and will tailor our program to suit your needs, to ensure your night will be memorable and successful! We will work together with you during the organisation stage, and can happily assist with fundraising tips, run allgames  on the night as well as advertise your trivia night to our distribution list.


Our nights always contain well-researched and interesting questions, numerous games which encourage participant interaction, audio (name the song) rounds, visual (name the movie) rounds, as well as the tried and tested famous faces! We believe trivia nights should be fun enough to keep the average punter happy, while also containing enough meaty questions for those true Trivia Buffs in the audience.

Sample Questions:

# Which is the only palindromic song by a palindromic artist to reach number 1 on the Australian music charts?

# What number do all the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to?

# If 8 seagulls can steal 8 chips in 8 minutes, how many chips will 16 seagulls steal in 16 minutes?

# Which AFL Brownlow Medal winner polled more votes than the entire Hawthorn team in a single year of the 2000s?

For the answers to these, and all other questions you may have, please drop me a line or an email (use the "contact us" tab at the top of this page).